Have you given up on your dream lifestyle because it just seems too difficult or too far out of reach?

Jordan’s dynamic presentations & mesmerizing stories inspire belief and action.

Jordan has spoken to audiences of 8,000+ and recently auctioned a $100 bill for $3.2 million in a powerful training exercise that teaches a lesson on the difference between cost and value.

Topics include relationship building, networking skills, sales training, referral marketing, business coaching, team building, public speaking, dynamics of creating momentum in the field of Network Marketing (MLM – Multi Level Marketing).

“Jordan has an incredible wealth of knowledge of success networking that he generously shares. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about networking from him.”

—Bill Bateman, Owner; 21st Century Financial

Jordan Adler’s speaking engagements include:

Network Marketing Pro’s Main Stage 2012-2015
Network Marketing Mastermind Main Stage 2008-2012
Keynote Speaker on the MLM Cruise
Partners for Prosperity Annual Conference Keynote Speaker 2014-2015
Various keynotes for Network Marketing Companies

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