Handling Frustrations When It’s Not Going Fast Enough

handling frustrations

This is probably the main reason why people get discouraged. We hear it over and over again. “It’s not going fast enough!” First of all, your frustrations are real and you will always have them. Even the greatest business leaders get frustrated from time to time. The key is learning to manage your frustrations so they don’t paralyze you or cause you to quit. We all have EXPECTATIONS about the way we think it should go. If it doesn’t meet our EXPECTATIONS, we get discouraged or frustrated.

There are many things that can get us frustrated:

  1. Your good friend signs up and quits.
  2. 3 people tell you they are ready to sign up and then they don’t ever pull the trigger.
  3. Your check is significantly less than you thought it would be.
  4. The demands on your time become so great, you can’t seem to find time to work your business.
  5. Your top distributor (or your only distributor) has a problem that causes them to get discouraged.
  6. Your dog eats your kit.

In real life, we have things that happen (let’s call them our CIRCUMSTANCES) that trigger feelings of disappointment. We ALL experience these things and if we let them they can cause SETBACKS. The key to success in ANY BUSINESS is to not ever let the highs get too high or the lows get to low. How you MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS will determine how high you climb in this business. Your disappointments will turn to victories if you learn to embrace them and find the lessons in them (as tough as this can be at times). Sometimes our frustrations can knock the wind out of us. That’s okay. It’s part of the journey. Don’t ever let crisis turn into ruin. Your key to success will be YOUR ABILITY TO QUICKLY REFOCUS ON THE NEXT PERSON TO SHOW YOUR BUSINESS TO AND EVENTUALLY GET THEM STARTED.

I recently had a 60-day dry spell where I signed up no one. I kept meeting new people, and setting up times to show them my business. Between the new people and a few that I showed it to years ago that recently expressed interest,I had 10 people that were “actively” in the pipeline, all of a sudden. 3 signed up in the past 10 days. And there are 7 that say they are going to do it, but ALL are dragging their feet. The key is to fill the pipeline with so many people that you are never waiting by the phone for someone to call you back. Always fall forward (in skiing, you lean downhill into the bottom of the mountain, leaning back towards the mountain will cause you to fall). Lean into your frustrations by focusing forward on NEW PEOPLE all the time. Always ask, “Who’s next?” Remember this is a business of exposing new people to your product and opportunity. Your business grows by finding NEW business builders. Dwelling on your disappointments is the equivalent of leaning backwards into the hill. Alway “lean” forward, never lean back.

Each day, thousands of people become perfect candidates for your business. Literally YESTERDAY, their situation wasn’t right. The timing wasn’t right for them. But something changed and TODAY they are perfect candidates. They got married, they got divorced, they got laid off, they laid off their staff, they got a pay cut, they got injured and got fired, they turned 18, they had their 3rd child, they are approaching retirement with no savings, etc. When circumstances change, a person can go from having no interest to being the perfect candidate for your business. Your job is to find them and show it to them.

I have found that virtually all frustrations can be quickly remedied by sponsoring a new distributor. The tendency is to think that at some point your frustrations will go away. I have heard people say, “When I get to $8,000 per month, then it will be a lot easier!” Do you think your company’s founders have no frustrations? Of course they do! In fact as he/she creates new programs to launch, more frustrations and problems are created. Your founder has frustrations has to deal with every day! Your top distributors deal with issues every day as well. Here’s how top business leaders handle frustrations:

  1. They focus on the BIG PICTURE. They always go back to WHY they are doing the business.
  2. They LET GO of their frustrations quickly and seek out the lessons that can be learned based on the circumstances at hand.

Here’s the bottom line. Your frustrations are your TEST to determine whether you are prepared for success. Kenny Troutt (billionaire) told me that if he had become a billionaire over night, he would have lost all of his money. He needed to learn the lessons of success in order to become a great steward of his money and success. In other words, he needed to walk through the fire. Learning to MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS THROUGH TIMES OF STRESS AND TIMES OF TRIUMPH are keys to building a successful business. I don’t believe that anyone can grow a successful team without learning to navigate the seas of doubt, fear, frustration and disappointment.

Your paycheck will reflect your ability to grow through these emotions for yourself and then help others do the same.