Your Confidence Can Boost Your Paycheck!


Recently, I attended a great workshop hosted by Dan Sullivan of The Strategic Coach in Chicago out by O’Hare Airport. Dan opened by talking about the current economic outlook and how the greatest opportunities occur during tough economic times.

Many people are feeling pressure of a volatile and unstable economy. We live in a time of economic uncertainty. In other words, many people have lost confidence and are feeling the pressure of an unknown future.

During times like these, many people become paralyzed and fearful. Just months ago, you couldn’t lose money even if you tried. Today there is so much volatility that one day you can have hope and the next you feel completely deflated. So now, people have lost confidence. Confidence is at an all time low. Dan suggested that confidence is not a function of how big someone’s bank account is; confidence is a feeling. The challenge of leadership is to find confidence and hope during times of trouble.

I would like to propose that, when you offer hope for a better future, you can restore confidence and instill that confidence in others.

In my last company, the number one earner used to say that, regardless of where you are financially, there will be times when you lose confidence and you will doubt.

You will doubt when you start making $1000 a month. And when you hit $10,000 a month, you will doubt if you can ever make $20,000. When you hit $20,000 a month, you will doubt if you could ever hit $1 million per year. And when you hit a million, you’ll probably doubt if you can keep it.

We are doubting humans. That is just what we do.  Actually, no matter where you find yourself, there may be times that you will doubt. You may lose faith that its possible for you to ever get there. So what’s the solution? 

According to Dan, you must first gain your own personal confidence back. Then you must learn to instill confidence in others. What does this look like?

Well…many people are looking for the security of knowing that things will get better. As you regain your confidence, others will be attracted to you. As you instill confidence in others, they will begin to see opportunities that were previously unavailable to them. Think about it. If you have confidence and instill confidence in others that a better future is just around the corner, people will follow you and begin to grow a team that will transform their bank accounts and yours as well. 

When confidence is low in tough economic times, the opportunity is great for those that can lead with confidence and a plan for a brighter future. Let’s say that 5 years ago, only about 10% of the population had a need to look at and pursue ways to subsidize their current income. Today, over 70% of the adult population is concerned about their financial future. The opportunity for you to grow as a leader is greater as you help to restore faith in others and their belief that things will get better. That is the challenge that represents our greatest opportunity.

So if you are not growing personally as fast as you would like, become a great leader by reclaiming your own confidence and then helping others to see that the future is bright.

We grow by attracting others and enrolling them in a future filled with hope and the fulfillment of their dreams. So reclaim your confidence and begin to show others that today represents a real chance to help many people create a compelling future for themselves and their families. Instill confidence in others.

Your paycheck is a manifestation of the number of people that you help to see that times are tough, but it doesn’t have to stay that way for long. Confidence is the key. 

See you on the beach,