10 Ways to Motivate Yourself


I have found that if I am unmotivated it is because I have slipped into a disempowering pattern of thinking. In this state I am feeling unmotivated. Motivation is a feeling and that feeling has me stuck. How many times have we said to ourselves… “I’m just not feeling motivated right now.” Sometimes, just by waiting it out, we can find our motivation, but that leaves a lot to chance. And in most cases, once it’s gone, it’s tough to get it back as evidenced by all the people that come in motivated and in a blink of an eye, they are gone! Vaporized! At some point, they must of become unmotivated.

And one important key to building a big business is staying motivated or at the very least, if you lose it, getting it back quickly. In a past call I talked about the #1 downfall in network marketing as being “A short attention span…” And that is true. But I also know that part of the reason that many don’t make it is because they lost motivation and THEN get distracted equalling a “Short attention span”!

What if I told you that building a successful business has LITTLE TO DO WITH MOTIVATION! That’s right. Staying motivated isn’t one of the critical components to success in the business.

Here’s the truth. You will be motivated at times and you will be unmotivated at times. You will be excited at times and you will be bored at times. You will be sad at times and you will be happy at times. You will be inspired at times and you will be numb at times. And you will be peaceful at times and may even experience chaos from time to time. As human beings our emotions naturally go up and they go down. Expecting to be motivated all the time means you are not human . . . you are a robot.

But it is important to know that building your business must not be contingent on being motivated. Motivation is not a required feeling for successful business growth. A DECISION to work REGARDLESS of how you are feeling is a required component to growth.

And I’m also aware that working the business while not being motivated is tough. Working the business from a place of boredom, complacency or disinterest is not an inspiring place to communicate from. Sometimes we just need to muscle through it . . . suck it up.

John Walsh, Jr hosts the television show “The Hunt” and is a Victim Rights advocate. He became involved in this after the murder of his son Adam in 1981. I suspect that after the loss of his son, John wouldn’t call himself “motivated” but he wanted to make a difference in the lives of those that have lost children by bringing the killers to justice. Motivation is not required here for John to do his lifes work. But he is committed and inspired.

So all of this being said, there is no doubt that it is more fun to build the business when we are motivated. But again, it is not required. What is required is a commitment to our cause.

So since it is more fun to build from a place of motivation, let’s explore 10 things that can help
you find your motivation if you have lost it. Because when it is all said and done, who is responsible for our motivation? We are of course. We can’t give the responsibility to how we are feeling to a source outside of us. By doing this we have lost all of our power. If we choose to be motivated, we must learn to GENERATE that motivation from within.


A feeling is generated by a pattern of thoughts, language and physiology according the Anthony Robbins. So if we break that pattern we can break the feeling. Shifting your focus, what you say to yourself and your breathing or posture can help to break that feeling. Have you ever noticed a crying baby that in a moment gets distracted with something he/she finds funny? In a moment they go from crying to laughing. The feeling has changed. We have the power to do exactly the same thing.


Although our environment lies on the outside of us, there are places that inspire us that cause us to radically shift our focus and state. For me its the forest and the beach. Go to a place that inspires you and sometimes this can break you out of a pattern of disempowerment.


I know when I am feeling unmotivated and even down in the dumps for no apparent reason, I MUST get myself out of it because its a dangerous place to be. I risk going over the cliff. So by getting around other people that are making things happen, I can pull myself out of a dark place. Sometimes even finding the motivation to do this can be difficult but it almost always cures me of being unmotivated when I get around some positive people at an event or function. Again, by doing this I am shifting my pattern to begin to focus on more empowering thoughts. If you are finding yourself unmotivated, the biggest mistake you can make is to not go to the convention. I have heard people say, “I’m not going to convention because I’m just not feeling it!” This is wrong on so many levels! First of all, convention will fix this. Secondly, people that make it in the business, don’t make it because they are “feeling it”. If you are looking for the ultimate “Pattern Interrupt” that can take you from floundering to focused, then the convention is where it’s at. For many people, the convention is a “make or break” event. The most expensive mistake you can make is to not go to the convention.


Sometimes even finding the motivation or inspiration to do this can be difficult. My only advise would be to force yourself. The hardest part it to hit “Play” or start reading. Give yourself the gift of just starting. When you are not motivated, starting is the hardest part. By starting you are breaking the pattern of focus, language and even physiology.


Now you might be saying, “But Jordan, I’m unmotivated! That’s the problem! How can I take massive action if I am unmotivated?!” I understand! I have been there 10 times more than you because I have been doing this 10 times longer! There is a saying in our business . . . “Doubt will take you out of action and action will take you out of doubt!” Action is a key to motivation. Thinking about doing things is one of the most de-motivating things you can do. It will get you down in the dumps to sit around and think about things while everyone else is doing something. Thinking about setting up appointments is much harder than doing it. Thinking about showing the business is three times as difficult as showing the business! Stop thinking about it and start doing it! A week of appointments will take you from being completely stagnant and unmotivated to highly inspired and motivated.


Sometimes the best thing you can do is just be okay with being unmotivated and give yourself a break. Now if you have been on 2 year break due to not being motivated, this is probably not the best option for you. I might suggest #5. But taking a break can be a viable option. It’s important to regroup from time to time and just realize that not being motivated has little to do with success. Being committed and in action has everything to do with success.

7. LET GO:

Stop comparing yourself to a standard that probably doesn’t exist in real life anyway. Comparing yourself to others is a quick way to get de-motivated. I realize that this is easier said than done. Theda Dawson was always comparing herself to others and it did nothing but get her down. She stopped doing that and instead just followed the plan on a daily basis. Once she stopped comparing herself, she promoted twice! Sometimes just releasing the need to get somewhere quickly can set you on a trajectory of growth and it may even motivate you in ways that you have never experienced. In other words, stop trying so hard. Stop beating yourself up for not being motivated or for not experiencing the growth that you expected. Let go of the need to control it all and you might find a renewed energy that you didn’t even know you had.


For many people not having fun is one of the most demotivated things in their business. You may have even heard someone say, “This just isn’t fun anymore!” When when this feeling comes around, it is up to us to shift it and bring the fun back! It is up to us and no one else. Having fun with our friends while making money at the same time can be quite motivating! I know I am motivated when I am having fun with my friends in the business! So ask yourself the question . . . what can I do to bring the fun back?

9. GIVE:

Initiate 10 acts of kindness – one of the most powerful things you can do to lift yourself out of depression. Text a few people you haven’t talked to in awhile that you miss (they are probably missing you too!). Send a few cards to some people that may be hurting right now (easy to find on Facebook!). Do something outrageous to express kindness to another human being. I know that Jim McCord likes to have conversations with the homeless. Some people have not had a real conversation in months. Jim loves to give that gift. By excessively giving for a day or two you will find motivation once again.


I have found that by going deep into my heart and re-discovering the good in the world I am reenergized and inspired to continue on this journey to help others have a life of possibility and hope. Being thankful for the gifts that you already possess can offer you a source of energy that won’t be found in any outside action that you can take. Stop and be grateful. Breath and get centered. Go back to what is really important to you. Give thanks for the abundant food that is always available to you. Give thanks for your ability to read and communicate. Give thanks for your five senses. Give thanks for the unlimited opportunity to create new relationships. Give thanks for those people that are important to you in your life . . . your family and friends. Give thanks for the public servants that help to keep us safe. Give thanks for the serviceman and woman that have fought and died for our freedom. Give thanks for your resourcefulness and creativity. Give thanks for our abundant supply of fresh clean water to drink.

Any of these 10 things can help you to regain your motivation in a moment. But remember that motivation is not a requirement. Being motivated feels great and it is always an option that we have at our command.

Motivation is not required, but commitment is.