10 Steps to MLM Mastery

10 steps to mlm mastery

Let’s talk about 10 STEPS to MLM Mastery that can help you begin the cycle of momentum in your business. You already know the mechanics of building. Now it’s time to unlock the steps to mastery and speed.

STEP #1 – Make your excuses for not doing the business your REASONS for doing the business!

What is it for you? Are you working too many hours at your job? Are you tired and grumpy at night? Do you have financial troubles that are stressing you out? Do you live in a remote area? Are you too young, too old? Are you afraid of public speaking? Is your car broken down? All of these can be excuses for not doing the business OR they can become your reasons for doing the business. It’s up to you! In fact, you might find that your very excuse is the catalyst for you to inspire others like you to join the team and grow.

STEP #2 – Commit to doing the business as you go rather than going out to do the business.

People that make it in the network marketing profession adopt the business as part of their lives. You don’t need to be one of those crazy people that talks about it all the time, but you do want to be on the lookout for people that have “life-force”. Become acutely aware of the people around you throughout your day. Be curious, fascinated and interested in others. Be prepared to if someone starts asking lots of questions. I always have sample cards, my laptop, some DVD’s and some Beach Money books with me at all times just in case someone wants to see the business right then and there. If you only do the business when you have time to do the business, you will probably never get to it. The world is my opportunityland just like Disneyland for kids.

STEP #3 – Become partners with your company leaders and make it your mission to make the world a better place instead of just a distributor trying to do the business.

The only difference between you and the leaders in your company is that they are more committed to the dream than you are. Everything will change for you the moment your become a partner on this mission of personal growth. Find out who you are and give yourself away. You have something that the world needs that only you can do. Become a catalyst for positive change. Set off a chain of events that will make the world a better place. Pay it Forward. Mr Simonett from the movie “Pay It Forward” gave an assignment to his 5th grade class . . . “Think of something to change the world and then put it into action.” 10 year old Trevor took on the assignment and started the pay it forward movement. He died in a school yard gang fight and never saw “Pay it Forward” come to fruition. But this little boy changed the world. a few simple acts of kindness today has become one of the greatest movements in human history. What could you do with your SendOutCards account and an opportunity to create financial freedom?

STEP #4 – FIND OUT WHAT PEOPLE WANT and then show them how they can have it by being part of your program.

This is simple and profound. Find out what people want!! Simply ask them. What do you want in your life that you don’t currently have? If I can show you something that could help you get it would you be willing to look? Keep an open mind . . .

STEP #5 – Master the art of telling a story.

Keep your story simple and clear. Every successful business without exception has a story attached to it. You can tell your story or someone else’s.

“Do you have 2 minutes to hear a quick story?” According to Tom “Big Al” Shreiter, “Stories are like crack to the human brain”. When you offer a story people lean forward. Why do you think the tabloids are so successful? Simply say, “I have a story to tell you . . . ” and people lean forward. What a great way to get people to lean in and say “Tell me more!”

STEP #6 – Become the creator of MOVEMENT in your business.

Your list should be changing daily. Your calendar is the pre-curser to growth. A full calendar means growth is coming. An empty calendar means don’t expect much. As a leader, you are the catalyst for creating opportunities for you and your team to expose the business to more people. You must show your team progress. Otherwise why should they bother? You are responsible for the progress you want to see on your team. EVERYONE must take on this responsibility. Book get togethers for you and the people you know. Start small and grow from there. Do one get together with another person per day. Teach your team to do exactly the same thing. Tell your new personally sponsored distributors that you would like to be in on their get togethers. Movement is always the key to growth. What do you do if you want a muscle to grow? Did you know that money doesn’t grow unless it moves? Money sitting around gets stagnant. People sitting around get stagnant. Create life in your business by moving things along. Find the others that want to move with you.

STEP #7 – Learn to work your list and the list of others that you sponsor.

If you have 100 friends and they each have 100 friends, you have access to 10,000 people through simple introductions. It’s okay to ask. Your pay becomes effective when you do. Remember this is not a lottery. It’s a business. Business growth involves people. I once had someone say to me . . . “is this one of those businesses that you have to deal with people?” Haha. I answered . . . being in business is probably not for you!

STEP #8 – Do what you can. But do SOMETHING to build your business EVERY DAY!

There are many people in our profession that joined and built big businesses because of watching a video. I am one of them. If you are working a job 12 hours a day and have a family, a). Make THAT your reason for doing the business and not your excuse. b). Send out at least 3 videos per day and ask each person to watch it.

STEP #9 – Create “Sliding Doors” Moments in your life.

Do you remember the movie sliding doors? It’s two movies in one. Gwyneth Paltrow is running in the city to catch a train. In one scenario she gets sidetracked for a few seconds and the train doors close in front of her. In the second scenario she makes the train. The two movies show how radically different her life becomes because of a split second decision.

STEP #10 – Step into your intention.

In other words, HOW you get there doesn’t matter as much as that you get there. The closer you can align yourself with your intention the easier everything becomes. If you are struggling, you have inserted all kinds of imaginary obstacles. between you and your goal. The act of DOING the business is simple. Managing what you say to yourself will be as hard as you make it. You must pass through struggle to get to success. Art Jonak says, “If they only knew how great it is they would walk through broken glass to get it”. To put it bluntly, you are always the one CREATING the obstacles standing between you and your dreams. Go through them, around them, eliminate them or let them fuel you. Make them your reason to win. Stop using them as an excuse to fail.

Quitting is a solution to a temporary problem. Chris Brady told a memorable story at the MLM Mastermind this weekend in Orlando. He talked about a guy who was changing his new baby boy’s diaper and in the middle of it all decided to pick his nose. Well about five minutes later he goes into the kitchen and says to himself . . . “it smells like poop in here!” Then later that night he walks into the bedroom and notices that the bedroom smells like poop too! What’s the point? Where ever he goes it still smells like poop! Everywhere you go, there you are! People who quit never achieve mastery. Usually when you are challenged with something it means there is something you need to master that is holding you back. So here are three things you can do to keep from quitting:

a. Don’t quit on a bad day. If you are having a bad day, week or month, stay in the game until things turn around (and they always do). You won’t want to quit

b. Make decisions based on your commitments and never on your emotions. Emotions are like waves in the ocean. They ebb and flow. True commitments are rock solid and unwavering. Commit to the cause and to your dream. Let nothing stop you from accomplishing your dream. You are 100% responsible for achieving it or not.

c. When you are feeling down, take action. For example if you are feeling tired and lethargic, the best cure is to go for a run or take a walk. Don’t wallow in your misery. The only people that will want to be around you are other miserable people.

When you feel yourself beginning to doubt, turn up the volume! Doubt needs to be right! Doubt wants to justify quitting! Doubt seeks company! Shift your energy of doubt to an energy of hope. Doubt and hope can not live in the same space. By the way, doubt has little to do with what is really going on. Doubt is simply the absence of hope. For every person that is doubting there are many that are hopeful. You just need to choose which will serve you best. Doubt has never resulted in a successful growing business. Choose hope over doubt.

If you learned something here, teach it to the others on your team – Pass it along . . . and especially to your brand new distributors.